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Pretty blonde Kendra Lynn yells as she tries teaming up with the odor of old musty mattress inside her nose. Her mind throbs along with her throat is dry and scratchy. She can hear noises around her and the sound of high heels walking in concrete and a lady ´s voice as she wills herself to open her eyes. Kendra&severe;s brain is still in a fog and her body simply won&severe;t cooperate. Then suddenly she’s jolted awake with my slaps her around the face and shaking her shoulders. Kendra attempts to move but her hands are all chained behind her back and now she is able to feel that the tight ropes cut deep into her wrists pinning up her hands beneath her shoulder blades. Her ankles are also closely bound in ropes because she seems up in my own eyes in fear. She’s told that soon she will be making a telephone call to her dad and beg for cash. Kendra sobs and cries to her gag and pulls the tight ropes. I curl up with her cot and begin to caress her hands in a pervy way. Kendra shakes her head however I am totally enjoying her distress and distress. Then a hulking bald guy walks in and the two of us talk about the ransom call. Kendra can&severe;t even wait to become unties in the unkind ropes and freed to go home to her own bed. We sit up and I remove her gag and clamp his hands over Kendra´therefore mouth. We twist and pinch Kendra´s nipples and she cries in pain and shock into my hands over mouth gag because we explain to her exactly what to say. The man Jim Hunter makes the phone call and then we purchase Kendra to beg to get help. I remove my hand and Kendra will hear her dad &extreme;s voice over the telephone. She begs and cries for help before I clamp my hand back on her mouth. Once I hang up the phone the guy pulls out a classic rag and we push it deep into Kendra´s mouth adding duct tape wrapped tightly over her mouth and round her head sealing that the gag in tight. The guy pulls out longer rope and ties it tightly around her abdomen as I hold her down, then the rope is run down between her thighs and pulled tight between her pussy. The man explains that he’s going to leave to make arrangement for the money fall and the crotch rope is there to prevent me by violating her pussy and ass while he’s gone. Kendra can feel that the tight rope split her pussy and press against her clit as he ties it off at her abdomen. Then he leaves telling me to have my pleasure with our captive but to try to bear in mind that until we get compensated the woman &severe;s pussy is off limits. After he leaves Kendra is groped and mistreated by me. I run my hands over the woman and tender hump Kendra&severe;s soft bound body. I rub my tits in Kendra&extreme;s face as the bad woman sobs and cries into her gag I’d like to cease. Kendra scream in pain in her gag as I pull out a pair of nipple clamps and then attach them into Kendra&severe;s vulnerable tits. Pain shots through her tits because her poor nipples have been crushed between the jaws of the evil clamps. I really do get off on her pain and that I keep to grope and caress poor Kendra. After what seems a lifetime of groping and fondling I eventually stop and leave bad daddy&intense;s woman Kendra sobbing and crying about the cot still helplessly bound, gagged and clamped not understanding what the creepy perverted bunch have in store for her when we get paid.

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