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I´ve been dodging JJ for months now. My girdle company is booming and has taken off and I don´t want to get bothered paying straight back JJ up cash she loaned me. I’m appreciating the success of the business buying designer suits and high ticket emblem handbags. Life is good and it& so acute;s my turn to enjoy the nicer things. I´m getting ready have yet another phone call to make and to close up to the evening. I become distracted from the annoying customer support twerp on the end and I´m engrossed from the telephone that I don&severe. I am grabbed from behind with the arm round my throat and a hand on mouth wrestling me to submission. The intruder comes with a claw mask pulled over her face but that I obviously recognize her voice like JJ&intense;s. My panic escalates and I’m going to scream if she stuffs a garter belt in my mouth and wraps my mind over and over with clear tape. JJ catches my wrists behind my back and then crushes my elbows together yanking on her rope tightly. Her fury isn’t yet happy although I shout beneath the gag. JJ is outside for your jugular. She yanks my diamond rings and places them onto her hand taunting me. We hear gaze and JJ hides. I am praying it’s the safety guard, but from the corner of my head I see it’s my Riley Jane. Riley is astonished to see her bound and gagged and she cried around to untie me. My eyes make but she’s focused on XXXX her down on the floor gagging poor Riley and shoving a garter belt and untieing me JJ catches her. Severe, JJ catches Riley &;s tits out of her silk blouse and fondles her hands sliding up and down intense & Riley Jane;therefore pantyhose. The young assistant that is poor is fearful and mortified and she sobs to her gag. JJ watches both people struggle in her ropes that are barbarous while my designer handbag is dumped by her and confiscates the contents. She XXXX us back to back and adds the last degradation and then additional tight rope – she eliminates a high heel stiletto shoe from each one of us and ties to onto our faces because she waltzes out giggling.

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