It’s Nice To Have a Cuckold In The House 2018 Irene HandOverMouth, FaceKicking

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Irene, Mistress of the House, reclines down on her bed and calls over her husband. He asks her if she heard him fuck her, and then points to her cum-covered legs. He takes some of the cum and she grabs them with her fingers. She then asks him to take it out from his legs. Because hubby has strict rules against her seeing her pussy, she wears panties. She wants him to have the memories from their wedding and not to be excited now. He is mocked for his small cock, and she instructs him not to. It’s the same size, she holds it up! HeaEUR(tm) is huge and she tells him to go back inside and finish the remaining stud cum. AEURoeYouaEUR(tm), I’ll have many boyfriends and youaEUR(tm), my next one loves to be fluffed so that youaEUR(tm), will be able see his size as you prepare him.

Irene informs her husband that if her man gets hard she will make him stand so they can have a great time comparing cocks. He continues to lick his wounds and will happily follow her commands, accepting the humiliation without any questions. Irene takes her to the foot to take off her shoes, and to practice his cocksucking skills on her toes once she’s cleaned. AEURoeWhile youraEUR(tm),re cleaning, Irene sends him to the foot of her bed to remove her shoes and practice his cock sucking ability on her big toes. He made her feel good about the time she was with him. AEURoeYou couldn’t come close to him, thataEUR ™,s is why he’s fucking you and youaEUR/tm),re sucking me to my toes. She then imagines itaEUR/tm being his cockaEUR and rubs her body more vigorously until she experiences a spectacular orgasm. With a smile, she sends her husband back to the closet and says “aEURoeItaEUR[tm] is nice to have someone to cuckold in our house.”

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