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My car ran out of gas and I&severe;ve been walking . My cell phone died and that I could &severe;t even call for assistance. I spot a house and I knock on the door. A man in a wheelchair says I can use the telephone and answers. I am relieved and I walk over to find the telephone when suddenly I am about grabbed from behind and thrown on the couch. OMG! He´s not crippled – he&intense;s mad. The man takes a very long piece of rope and then rope together my elbows behind my cinching it very tightly. This doesn & acute; t stage the creep and that I offer him money, although I beg for mercy. He is determined to render me helpless and that he continues adding a growing number of rope. I am frightened out of my head and I attempt to reason with him. He&extreme;s a existence that is menacing and he tells me it will get for me personally. My arms are numb and he covers me with a threat in my life along with a hands over mouth. He starts calling me his girl and now I am really, really frightened. The bastard gropes my tits and then yanks on my silk blouse available he shoves it into my mouth sealing it in using tape and grabs a rag that is massive. He places me and picks me up off the ground he then adds a tight splitting crotch rope. It hurts and I will ´t stop crying. He finishes up with a tight hogtie and XXXX down me to my knees. I struggle and buck, but the ropes are too tight and that I can ´t get some of these. He comes back to the room asking me if I am lonely. The bastard places me and bends over the sofa. He removes the rope linking my palms to my bound ankles and my crotch rope and apoligizes for being mean to me personally. I begin to feel a glimmer of hope. My hope is short lived when he pulls down my panties, rips aside my pantyhose and XXXX himself . As he proceeds to fuck me till he awakens I sob during my gag in agony and humiliation. (simulated gender )

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